Self-assessment and pain management

22 in October of 2011
We include in our website today, with the public at large, and not, professionals, a simple but very useful document produced by the American Pain Foundation, helping to bring the patient and physician to the correct diagnosis and appropriate treatment of pain that feels. We always insist on the need for dialogue between professionals and patients to know the characteristics of pain adequately. However, lack of time in the office, and the sensations experienced out of hospital, at home, often do not know how to express adequately what was experienced by the patient. These publications allow communication

fluid and often represent an excellent way to control pain.”

They can access the complete document:

Journal of Pain

30 August of 2010

The Journal of Pain that you are providing is important to talk to your doctor about your pain and yourself element, because it helps us understand how its pain, the level of effectiveness of drugs prescribed for you, whether or not some side effects, well if duerme, if you have a depressed mood.

You should print some copies of the Journal of Pain and the fill following the example enclosed. No need to complete one of these formats every day for every day; may be sufficient to complete the form on experiencing major changes in how you feel your chronic pain, if it increases or decreases the intensity, if you have breakthrough pain, any side effects, everything that affects their quality of life.

At the time of recording pain intensity using the attached rule, of 1 a 3 mild pain, 4 to the 6 moderate pain and from the 7 hereinafter pain.


How to measure pain?

30 August of 2010

The pain has a physical component, but also has a subjective component that is influenced by the way in which each person feels their pain, with personal experiences, with the threshold level of pain, etc..

Therefore, currently there is no absolutely objective procedure for measuring pain intensity as measured blood pressure, fever or heart rate. However, there are some simple rules for the physician and patient to assess pain intensity and thus able to follow the efficacy of an analgesic.