Guide to control cancer pain

30 May of 2016

Captura de pantalla 2016-05-30 a las 10.56.09“In this guide, published by the American Cancer Society (ACS) It exposed in a practical way how to deal with pain in cancer patients. The publication begins by detailing the causes of pain in these patients, and the types of pain, with special mention of breakthrough pain. Subsequently it exposed the different possibilities to treat, describing both opioids, their properties and side effects, and non-pharmacological methods. A complete and quick-read guide, because it uses a language accessible to anyone”

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16 May of 2016
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” This link will find very useful information for patients and families on fentanyl, drug of choice in the treatment of breakthrough cancer pain. the presentations are detailed, its indications, Method and its main side effects. There is still little information among patients, even professional and family, on the usefulness of this molecule in the treatment of episodes of severe pain and short-lived, and its features make it suitable for it”
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13 April of 2016
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” This document, easy to read and very practical in use, contains essential information for cancer patients in palliative care pain sufferers information and also for their families. Through clear and concise diagrams us about the practical use of opioids, the management of its side effects, etc.. Useful in day to day for those patients who require treatment with analgesics such”.

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Managing cancer pain

17 in November of 2013

cancercare“This paper developed for patients, we can find very practical explanations and simple recommendationsCaptura de pantalla 2013-11-17 a la(s) 17.08.24 for cancer patients with pain. It highlights the need to inform the doctor of any change in that pain we are trying it out, or the effects of mediation. Breakthrough pain is explained, types and handling, understandable to patients. A daily manual handling and accessible for anyone.”

They can access the full text:

Cancer pain Guide (English)

2 in October of 2013

american cancer society“Through this link, will have access to an interesting video, by the American Cancer Society, in which, a very entertaining, and understandable English, shows the number of cancer patients experience pain, influence in their life, etc and include tips from the pros that can help control. To have a good time can make us reflect on the reality, everyday, many of our patients”


What is the breakthrough cancer pain?

1 in September of 2010
Breakthrough pain is pain of high intensity (above 7, given that 10 is the highest intensity of pain that can be experienced).

It usually has a short duration, with a mean 30 minutes and is presented to cancer patients (between 40 and 80%), even if they have an acceptable background pain controlled with an analgesic.

They usually occur spontaneously and often without notice, but may be related to motion.

You can have different causes; by direct or indirect effect of the cancer itself, the effect of treatment or other illness such as arthritis to cancer.

This intense, acute pain does not mean that your condition is getting worse.