XII Course SEOM for Residents,,pt,The Spanish Society of Medical Oncology launches XII Course to introduce residents in the diagnosis and treatment of medical oncology with the concept of Continuing Care,,es,It includes an interesting session dedicated to cancer pain,,es

5 from January to 2018
La Sociedad Española de Oncología Médica pone en marcha el XII Curso para introducir a los residentes en el diagnóstico y tratamiento de la oncología médica con el concepto de Cuidados Continuos.
Incluye una interesante Sesión dedicada al Dolor Oncológico.

XII Curso Básico de Formación en Dolor

5 from January to 2018
Day 16 and 17 de Febrero próximo se celebra el XII Curso Básico de Formación en Dolor en Fuengirola, Malaga.
Este curso organizado por el Dr. Manuel Rodríguez es una convocatoria anual en la que se han formado cientos de médicos de toda España en los elementos del diagnóstico y tratamiento del dolor, contribuyendo a aumentar el interés en el dolor y la necesidad de tratarlo más allá de un síntoma.
Felicitamos al Dr. Rodríguez por mantener la organización de este curso que reúne a un panel de ponentes y moderadores expertos de prestigio en el abordaje del dolor.
Para acceder a la información del Curso: FORMACIÓN EN DOLOR

Theoretical and practical scientific session on the rational use of opioids.

30 in September of 2013

Diapositiva1In the academic year of continuing medical education in pain 2013 -2014, Catalan Society of Pain is scheduled to carry out a scientific session one that will be on the Rational use of opioids in chronic noncancer pain.

The date of the agenda is the 30 October 2013 to 19 hours and will be held at the premises of Academy of Medical Sciences of Catalonia and the Balearic Islands, C / Major Can Caralleu 1. Barcelona.

It is aimed at professionals from primary care, Clinical Pharmacy, Pain Units, health workers and professional interest in this section.

This session is structured scientific 2 sections: consists of a theoretical part, which justify its use, and dealing with concepts related to the types of opioid, side effects and treatment, hyperalgesia induced by these drugs and routes of administration of the opiate. We follow a practical application part developed on 2 clinical cases, with aspects and usual driving situations that we are in the chronic treatment of patients with this group of analgesic.

Pain management in cancer patients

14 in July of 2013

On 11th July in the classroom teaching the Hospital Universitario La Princesa took place the day ” Management of pain in cancer patients ” moderated by Dr. Laura Cerezo Padellano.

The meeting was attended by residents from different specialties including pharmacy, family physicians, oncoradioterapeutas,rheumatology nursing.

The day began with opening and welcome Dr. Laura Cerezo, highlighting the importance of continuing education on pain and highlighting the need to include the measurement of pain intensity as a more constant within the patient's history.

Dra. Concepción Pérez developed indications and cancer pain interventional techniques and emphasized that there have to be considered, much less as the last step in the approach to patients with cancer pain.

The second presentation was made by Dr. Margaret Martin with a comprehensive review of the management of breakthrough pain caused by radiotherapy procedures. He began by defining breakthrough pain as such, diagnostic elements and different therapies that exist today, as drugs of choice highlighting the quick action fentanyls. Then presented two cases of cancer patients in the radiotherapy treatment itself had caused breakthrough pain who were treated successfully with sublingual fentanyl citrate.

Multidisciplinary Approach to Chronic Pain. College of Physicians of Badajoz.

9 in July of 2013

Last 2 July at the headquarters of the College of Physicians of Badajoz took place on Pain Training Day "Multidisciplinary Approach to Chronic Pain". Coordinated by Dr. Fernando Garcia Urra and IComBa collaboration and ProStrakan was successful multidisciplinary participation with the assistance of several residents massive but mostly hospital specialties of Family Medicine.

The day began with a welcome and thanks by the Vice President Dr IComba Hospitals. Luis Fernández de Alarcón says that Dr al step. Garcia Urra to make an excellent presentation that addressed both the prevalence and the importance of treating pain that appears in the 30% medical consultations according to the study Pain in Europe .

The first presentation was given by Dr. Josefa Costillo, Coordinator of the Pain Unit of the Hospital Infanta Cristina, Badajoz. He discussed the general concepts in pain management, emphasizing the importance of pain assessment, as well as the use of the WHO ladder and lift analgesic in patients with severe pain.

Also carried a review of opioid drugs used for treating pain.

Later Dr. Jacobo Gómez-Ulla, Deputy Medical Oncology Hospital Infanta Cristina explained, from the perspective of cancer patients, the prevalence and treatment of cancer pain. He reviewed the different scales analgesic edmonton highlighting the most useful symptoms like. He made an excellent update on new drugs, strong opioids, used for various types of pain that can occur in a patient with cancer. He highlighted the role of palliative care teams and primary care in malignant pain control.

Concluded on the importance of treating the symptoms in these patients to get, along with a better quality of life, better overall in the period of chemotherapy.

Dr. Joaquin Cabrera of Radiation Oncology of the same hospital focused extensively in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Breakthrough Cancer Pain. After we spoke define and classify its prevalence: a 63% of patients suffer despite having base analgesic treatment.

To Dr. Cabrera, the quick-release fentanyl are best fit profiles DIO crises and therefore is the drug of choice in treatment.

The selection of one or other presentation depend, especially, clinical status and patient preferences.

The final presentation was given by Dr. Guadalupe Rosado Muñoz of Anesthesiology and Resuscitation Hospital Infanta Cristina, Badajoz. His speech was on interventional techniques in pain, the so-called Fourth step. Masterfully could explain the characteristics and purpose of each of the techniques that are part of the portfolio of its center. Listeners were able to see and manipulate the various devices used stimulators for clinical.

Finally Dr. Garcia Urra presented a clinical case. Each of the speakers had sent in a couple of slides on how to treat this case. After hearing the opinion of several participants from the stalls each of the speakers presented their resolution of the case which led to a lively discussion moderated by Dr. Garcia Urra.

In summary, the different presentations had a high scientific, combined with the excellent participation of residents and internists attachments, cardiologists, anesthesiologists, hematologists, and radiotherapy oncologists and family physicians was a success.

Breakthrough Pain Multidisciplinary Approach. Hospital General Universitario de Alicante

28 May of 2013

Last 22 May was held a round table on the multidisciplinary approach of breakthrough pain in the Hospital General Universitario de Alicante, attended by more than 45 registered medical. This table has been especially targeting residents of various specialties, in order that they can receive a complete overview of this type of complex pain, including presentation and discussion of clinical cases.

It was coordinated by Dr. César Margarit, Head of the Pain Unit, Hospital General Universitario de Alicante and helped give presentations multidisciplinary approach Dr. Alvaro Rodriguez, Head of Oncology Unit, Hospital General Universitario de Elche, Dr. José Manuel Ramón Pérez, Unit of the same hospital and Dr. Jaime Alcober, Home Care Unit, Hospital General Universitario de Alicante.

The table ended with a lively discussion for profunizar on the elements of diagnosis and treatment of breakthrough pain in cancer patients.

Medical residents Roundtable enrolled must complete a pre-test and post-meeting.

Multidisciplinary Approach breakthrough cancer pain. Hospital Universitario Puerta de Hierro in Madrid

18 May of 2013

Last 9 May was held at the Hospital Universitario Puerta de Hierro in Madrid a Day Multidisciplinary about breakthrough cancer pain.

The multidisciplinary approach of this type of complex pain, addressed from the perspective of Medical Oncology by Dr. White Cantos and Dr. David Pérez, from Radiation Oncology with Dr interventions. Alejandro de la Torre, Dr. Rafael Molerón the la Dra. Patricia Tavera and clinical case report by Dr. Macarena Barbero, with the presentation of Dr. John of God Sanz, palliative care approach.

The meeting had an attendance that exceeded expectations, they were around 30 Attendees, being at the end of 44 people, highlighting the presence of the Heads of Department of Radiation Oncology (Dr. Tower, course coordinator) and Medical Oncology (Prof.. Dr. Mariano Provencio Pulla) Also attending specialists and residents of these services, and Anesthesia Service, Palliative Care, Internal Medicine and Nursing (radiation oncology and pain unit)

The purpose of the meeting was completed successfully, Breakthrough pain and can be addressed from the perspective of 4 various services, with the subsequent exchange of views, which led to an interesting discussion with a high participation. I would like to highlight the quality of the different presentations and clinical cases presented by residents.